Noir Bedroom Suite

The transformation of our client’s primary bedroom into a tranquil retreat exemplifies the power of meticulous design. We chose Sherwin Williams’ “Iron Ore” to drape the walls in a rich, sophisticated hue, creating an elegant backdrop. Complementing this, Lexington brand nightstands and a tufted headboard bring a touch of timeless luxury. A multifunctional storage ottoman […]

Biophilic Interior Design – A Look Into A Natural Design Solution

Biophilic interior design is a natural/nature design many people enjoy having in the areas they are surrounded by. Most of the furniture can be eco-friendly or recycled, or it can just give that look. This design can encourage the people around it to be more one with nature. This design may even bring you to […]

Koi Bedroom Suite (60 Day Full Home Renovation)

In this room, we show this Koi guest bedroom finishes, selections, layout, as well as the general furnishings of this completed home guest bedroom project. This home had a 60 day turnaround which is not our typical project turnaround time. This is one of many rooms that we included in our renovation.

Brows & Co. Salon Design

We infused new style in this salon by creating a new lobby desk made of quartz, with a Herman Miller chair behind for reception. The overhead custom woodwork architectural feature adds a focal point as well as frames the new raised wall logo that we fabricated. In the main brow tech service area we infused […]

Zen Spa & Lounge

This lower-level space was designed with a “Zen” vibe per the client style and request. We included a meditation area, doggy bed space near the sofa in the common area. In this common area space, we provided an elegant yet playful compilation of grains and textures. The grey variations create a calming atmosphere warmed by […]


In this part II video, we show the finished product in which we outline some of the finishes, audio video products, layout, as well as the general furnishings of this completed home theater project. Leave a comment below if you have questions regarding products or design! Be sure to follow us on our other social […]