Zen Spa & Lounge

This lower-level space was designed with a “Zen” vibe per the client style and request. We included a meditation area, doggy bed space near the sofa in the common area. In this common area space, we provided an elegant yet playful compilation of grains and textures. The grey variations create a calming atmosphere warmed by the fireplace, while the inclusion of the living wall brings light and life to the space creating the perfect balance for meditation and relaxation. Across from the lounge space is a small area for Yoga, light working out, and meditation. In the shower & sauna space, we outfitted with elegant engraved marble tile as well as deep charcoal accent tile that ties in with the dark metal features selected for the room. The sauna space has dimmable lighting, and speakers made the space a relaxing oasis. The laundry area includes an Energy Star, smart technology washer and dryer set. The addition of cabinets topped with a granite top creates a gorgeous, but functional space.

Lounge & Yoga Space
Laundry Space
Bathroom & Sauna
Bathroom & Sauna II