Transforming Spaces: The Zen Oasis of our Nail Spa Redesign (2011)

In the bustling world we live in, finding moments of tranquility and peace is often a luxury. However, amidst the chaos, there are sanctuaries waiting to be discovered – places that offer respite, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Our recent project, the transformation of an empty space into a dazzling nail spa with a Zen vibe, epitomizes […]

Premier Home Theater

We designed this home theater starting with a 7.2.1 Dolby Atomos speaker setup with two extra-large bean bags, and 4 motorized recliners on the new platform/riser design. The rear wall and side wall has curtains to absorb sound in lieu of the prosceniums 1” thick acoustical wall treatments. We also created a ceiling feature that […]

Koi Bedroom Suite (60 Day Full Home Renovation)

In this room, we show this Koi guest bedroom finishes, selections, layout, as well as the general furnishings of this completed home guest bedroom project. This home had a 60 day turnaround which is not our typical project turnaround time. This is one of many rooms that we included in our renovation.

“Heaven on Earth” Grand Family Room

This grand family room was created with primarily new design elements including new premium grade carpeting, and darker grey custom window curtains to compliment the floor. The custom media cabinet is comprised of oak veneer, with nickel sconces, and book matched quartz on the face behind the UHD TV. It also includes floating shelves with […]

Brows & Co. Salon Design

We infused new style in this salon by creating a new lobby desk made of quartz, with a Herman Miller chair behind for reception. The overhead custom woodwork architectural feature adds a focal point as well as frames the new raised wall logo that we fabricated. In the main brow tech service area we infused […]

Magnificent Minimalist Living Space

This family room space screams sophistication with the clean design and transitional look. The new 65” TV is now camouflaged behind the vertically installed black shiplap. New curtains and window shades soften the new space. Wall molding accents with wallpaper inside make for a subtle focal point. We also added a new ceiling molding feature […]


In this part II video, we show the finished product in which we outline some of the finishes, audio video products, layout, as well as the general furnishings of this completed home theater project. Leave a comment below if you have questions regarding products or design! Be sure to follow us on our other social […]